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COG-Train was a partnership between Wellcome Connecting Science and COG-UK to provide open-access learning in SARS-CoV-2 genomics. The programme run between June 2021 and December 2023.

Working with our international partners and scientific leaders from around the world, the COG-Train programme delivered a series of free courses focusing on the SARS-CoV-2 genomics and bioinformatics.

Virtual Courses

Viral Genomics and Bioinformatics virtual courses were delivered to participants in Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Along with gaining bioinformatics knowledge, the participants also gained an opportunity to establish links and networks and develop future collaborative projects. In this repository, we collated the course materials from both courses:


In collaboration with the digital social learning platform FutureLearn, COG-Train delivered five massive open online courses (MOOCs) which together reached over 14,000 learners from almost 140 countries. In this repository, you will find the relevant course materials of the courses:

Hybrid Course

A blended, distributed classroom model was used to increase the reach and impact of the learning materials, with training being delivered simultaneously in multiple classrooms across many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The distributed classrooms course materials can also be found in this repository:

In-person courses

A workshop to discuss and strengthen pathogen genomics capacity in Africa was delivered in May 2023 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The workshop enabled the networking and learning training of 30 participants from 25 African countries. Here you will find the key materials produced for this workshop:

We also piloted an English-Portuguese approach to develop a course in partnership with Institute Gonçalo Moniz FIOCRUZ-BA. The in-person course was delivered in Portuguese between 30 October and 1 November 2023 in Salvador, Brazil. Key course materials (Portuguese) and additional resources (English-Portuguese) are shared in this repository:


Alumni champions from the Establishing Capacity Pathogen Workshop led the organisation of a webinar to promote the networking of the pathogen genomics community. The seminar presented talks and poster presentations using the interactive platform Gather Town.

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